Designed for Safe Crypto Processing and Strong Data Authentication

Trusted by financial institutions, government agencies and high-profile personnel, KeySafeBank upholds its strong security and digital ethics for the safety of your crypto assets.

Here at KeySafeBank, we take exceptional precautions with our security measures. Utilising both physical and digital security practices, we make sure that no external harm comes to access your critical assets.

Physical security


Isolated Key Storages

Keep digital assets in secured cold 

storage mediums, effectively cutting off any network access.


Man-trap Controlled Entry

Reduces entry capacity by little to no external access to digital assets for unauthorised personnels.


Fire-proof Safes

Physically protect your cold wallets from external damages.

Digital security


24/7 Surveillance

Monitors current state of affairs and records any visible transaction for maximum precaution.


Political Safety

Located in Singapore, the forefront of fintech revolution.


Hardware Security Module (KSM)

Cold storage system with in-built self-destruct features that 

removes cryptographic keys automatically once external invasions are detected.


Air-Gap Defence Technology

Isolates computer networks physically, ensuring no hijacking through unsecured network and reducing system compromise.

Capture opportunities but do it securely


Additional Levels Offered



KeySafeBank Crypto Wallet

Key Management Service (KMS) utilises secure and resilient hardware security modules that have been validated under FIPS 140-2 to protect your digital keys. 


Using KMS Bitcoin deployment:

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) security

  • Scalability to growth demand

  • Wallet data cannot be replicated

  • Two factor authentication security features

    • Biometric​

    • One-Time Password (OTP)

  • Deployment of Block Chain ATM/POS transactions

  • Secure backup features with certified hardware and premise

Overview Comparison of KMS Methodology

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