Know Your Cryptocurrency Custodial Solutions

In the volatile global environment of crypto network,

know what safeguards your digital assets.

Let KeySafeBank protect what belongs to you.

Combining various cryptographic and security practices of payment and banking industries, KeySafeBank in-house key management & cryptocurrency vault solution utilises PCI compliant hardware security module for a digital vault with cold crypto wallet solutions.

Combining solutions and security practices that work in the payment and banking industry 

Typical Block Chain Wallet

Asset 12_216x-100.jpg

Hot Wallet

Active digital wallet that is constantly connected to the Internet

Asset 15_216x-100.jpg

Warm Wallet

Combination of both hot-and-cold wallet feature

Asset 14_216x-100.jpg

Cold Wallet

Isolated digital wallet that is not directly connected to the Internet

Weakness of current crypto wallet deployment


  • Hot wallet, Cold Wallet and/or Warm Wallet are stored via the same hosting location.

  • Wallets are easily compromised due to poor security protection and control procedures.

  • Lack of digital accountability leads wallets to be susceptible to insider attack.

Typical transfers of cryptoassets are sent from one blockchain address to another using private keys - usually represented by a long string of numbers and letters, allowing it to be exposed during the exchange. Any malicious party that managed to gain access to your private keys gains total control over the underlying assets. 

For this reasons, organizations must ensure their digital asset management platform meets the criteria of ensuring their private keys stay secured during cryptocurrency exchange.

Your assets are only as secured as your private key

To stay relevant with the unpredictable crypto market fluctuation, KeySafeBank ensures advanced proprietary technology for extreme security of crypto assets storage and transactions. We implement both digital and physical security measures of payment and banking industry standards.


Hardware Security Module (HSM)


Payment Card Industry



FIPS 140-2 

(Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2)


Institutional Key Management System (KMS)

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