Institutional-Grade Key Management & Custodial Solutions for Digital Assets

As cryptocurrencies become more mainstream, so do it's hackers. KeySafeBank provides a cold storage solution for storing your digital assets & private keys in a super secure way.

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Securing your next big thing.

Market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is at nearly $400 billion. 


With a clear need for crypto management tools, KeySafeBank's in-house key management & crypto currency wallet solution combines various cryptographic and security practices of payment and banking industries with blockchain implementation. Our specialized approach not only differentiates us from other digital vaults, but also what makes our solution secured and successful.


With tight physical security measures specifically designed for safe crypto procession and authentication, keep your digital assets safe with KeySafeBank.

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Consolidate your diverse holdings with simplified portfolio management tools. With 35 years of experience in secured data management, let KeySafeBank worry about the ins and outs of technical data processing procedures involved while you and your organization capture the potential of the new asset class.


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Securing your crypto assets

Asset protection and security is paramount. With our institutional-grade key management system, centralize and hold your digital assets, multiple wallets and exchange accounts in 100% cold storage - the safest way to secure your crypto assets. ​


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